Recreation of Van Gogh's Starry Night by 8-year-old Pauline

"The Painting That Started It All." Pauline Lu, Age 8

After Mrs. Walther told my third grade class that we had run out of time to finish our recreations of "Starry Night," she spotted my painting and then offered me the opportunity to skip recess to finish my work, as she believed it was promising. Instead of choosing to play "red light, green light, 1-2-3" in the yard, this paradox of a child happily decided to stay in the art studio for another half hour to finish. It was after this experience that I realized, "Hey, I just might have something here..."

Evolving from these humble beginnings, my work continues to draw inspiration from the drama and dynamism of Van Gogh's body of work but has since progressed into the realm of experiential design. As a New Yorker with diverse experiences ranging from event design and production to theatre projection design, I have honed an ability to make interdisciplinary connections that then translate into compelling foundations for visual storytelling. I strive to continue developing as a designer by taking on new challenges, both professional and personal. For instance, this website is the product of my efforts to teach myself html, css, and Adobe Dreamweaver.