- Concept development
- Projection design
- Animation
- Projection programming
- Model-making


Using 3D projection mapping, create a work that challenges viewers to reexamine how they perceive reality by distorting their sense of perspective


Fordham University Pushpin Gallery, New York, NY

Undergraduate senior thesis project funded by Fordham Undergraduate Research Grant


The constructed form of my projection surface was influenced by Piet Mondrian's 1920 painting, Composition A. In response to the strict orthogonal nature of the elements in his work, I was fascinated by the possibilities of distorting his vertical and horizontal lines with the refractive nature of projections bending around surfaces as part of my exploration of this technology.

My research of the cutting-edge medium of 3D video projection mapping has been a source of inspiration for me and has redefined what I thought possible in the design world. In the same way, I hope to redefine the viewer's sense of reality in both an aesthetic and practical way - by provoking viewers into reevaluating what they think they see and what they think is possible, respectively.

Music by Positively Dark